[1.19.2] Could not execute entrypoint stage 'main' due to errors

Like the title says I am getting that error though it states it’s caused by a different mod then what I enabled that actually causes the crash. The crash in question; here, though it states it’s simplyswords, I actually enabled wildfires female gender mod. And if I only disable simply swords after that first crash it changes to this. I apologize if I’ve missed any info still getting acquainted with Quilt

I decided to disable supplementaries too see what it would say in the crash report and it said this

This one is the real crash log and, as you said, it’s caused by the Wildfire female gender mod. Unfortunately, I can’t say why exactly it crashes just based on this log. You can test it without any other mods to make sure it works at all. If it does, start adding your other mods in groups of 15 or so, until you find out which mod is it conflicting with. Based on your previous logs, it might be Requiem, so you can try that one first, but I’m not 100% sure.

Quick update: actually, judging by the error message, Wildfire gender mod might not be compatible with your version of Minecraft.

Another update: yeah, I’m sure it was that simple, the mod is for 1.19.4, whereas you are on 1.19.2.

Let me check out the versioning, I know prism can sometimes download a version of a mod for an incorrect mc version

Yeap, seems like the version on modrinth is supposed to be multiversion but it isn’t so went to curseforge and there was a version specifically for 1.19.2 ran it with simplyswords & supplementaries disabled and it worked. Though it still crash when both of them are loaded, though with only just simplyswords it loads just fine, the crash log with both loaded can be seen here I’m hopping this can be fixed

Hmmm… yeah, sorry, I can’t see what’s wrong other than the fact that Supplementaries, Simply Swords and potentially Requiem are somehow involved in the crash. If you can reproduce this crash with just these 3 mods, it’s likely a rare 3-way incompatibility and should probably be sorted out by one of the involved mods.

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