1.19.2 Internal Error Crash (Happened yesterday, same fix doesn't work)

Hi, I’m continuing to edit a modpack for me and my friend to use, and I’m getting an Internal Error crash again, this happened yesterday. The fix that time was installing Architectury API, but it hasnt been removed, and I don’t see any incompatibilities.

Crash Log is here: Unknown Log [#nFvL1Cs] - mclo.gs

You installed ToolTip Fix for 1.19.3, but you are on 1.19.2.

Ah, I thought I’d missed something, thank you! I’ll get the right version and update you on if it works!

OK So its not an internal error anymore but its Exit Code -1073741819. No other explanation was given, not even a crash log

Found the log!

I FOUND THE ISSUE IT WAS CONTINUITY! It wasn’t compatible with one of my mods I don’t know which, but it’s not an issue as it was purely cosmetic and I can live without it! Thank you for your help though!

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