An Internal Error

I converted a Fabric instance to Quilt. Removed Fabric API and Kotlin for Fabric, and installed QFA/QSL and Kotlin for Quilt, updated all mods to use their QUILT version, but still receive an error!


Unfortunately, currently Cristel Lib is not compatible with Quilt.

I removed CristelLib and TownsAndTowers, but still crashing. Here’s a new log (There are some new mods also):

I don’t understand, though, BECAUSE CrystelLib has a seperate QUILT version. And above all, it’s not listed as an incompatible mod for QUILT anywhere?!

I’ve resolved the issue myself by removing some mods, which were causing the conflicts.

Sorry, for some reason I didn’t get a notification about your message with the new logs…

The issue with Cristel Lib is fairly new, that’s why it wasn’t really added anywhere, but good to know that they now have a separate Quilt compatible version.

What were the other mods, that actually caused your crash?

DashLoader was conflicting with Supplementaries.
VanillaFix also was causing an error.

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