Cobblemon not working can someone help me?

every time i try to load it, it just keeps giving me this

---- Quilt Loader: Failed to load ----
Date/Time: 2023/09/15 19:48:05.0872

– Error 1 –

Unhandled solver error involving the following rules:
Rule 1:
optional mod ‘fabric-language-kotlin’ (3 sources)
- {org.quiltmc.loader.impl.plugin.quilt.QuiltModOption ‘qkl_core’ from /quilt-kotlin-libraries-1.0.2+kt.1.8.0+flk.1.9.0(1).jar!/META-INF/jars/quilt-kotlin-libraries-core-1.0.2+kt.1.8.0+flk.1.9.0.jar}
- {org.quiltmc.loader.impl.plugin.quilt.QuiltModOption ‘qkl_core’ from /core-2.0.2+kt.1.8.20+flk.1.9.3.jar}
- {org.quiltmc.loader.impl.plugin.fabric.FabricModOption ‘fabric-language-kotlin’ from /Essential Dependencies.jar!/META-INF/jars/[email protected]+kotlin.1.9.10.jar}
Rule 2:
Dependency for {org.quiltmc.loader.impl.plugin.fabric.FabricModOption ‘essential-dependencies’ from /Essential Dependencies.jar} on fabric-language-kotlin versions [>1.10.10+kotlin.1.9.10] (1 valid options, 2 invalid options)
+ {org.quiltmc.loader.impl.plugin.fabric.FabricModOption ‘fabric-language-kotlin’ from /Essential Dependencies.jar!/META-INF/jars/[email protected]+kotlin.1.9.10.jar} {org.quiltmc.loader.impl.plugin.fabric.FabricModOption ‘fabric-language-kotlin’ from /Essential Dependencies.jar!/META-INF/jars/[email protected]+kotlin.1.9.10.jar}
x provided mod ‘fabric-language-kotlin’ from {org.quiltmc.loader.impl.plugin.quilt.QuiltModOption ‘qkl_core’ from /core-2.0.2+kt.1.8.20+flk.1.9.3.jar} {org.quiltmc.loader.impl.plugin.quilt.QuiltModOption ‘qkl_core’ from /core-2.0.2+kt.1.8.20+flk.1.9.3.jar}
x provided mod ‘fabric-language-kotlin’ from {org.quiltmc.loader.impl.plugin.quilt.QuiltModOption ‘qkl_core’ from /quilt-kotlin-libraries-1.0.2+kt.1.8.0+flk.1.9.0(1).jar!/META-INF/jars/quilt-kotlin-libraries-core-1.0.2+kt.1.8.0+flk.1.9.0.jar} {org.quiltmc.loader.impl.plugin.quilt.QuiltModOption ‘qkl_core’ from /quilt-kotlin-libraries-1.0.2+kt.1.8.0+flk.1.9.0(1).jar!/META-INF/jars/quilt-kotlin-libraries-core-1.0.2+kt.1.8.0+flk.1.9.0.jar}
Rule 3:
Mandatory mod Quilt Kotlin Libraries: Core (qkl_core) v2.0.2
Rule 4:
Mandatory mod Essential Dependencies (essential-dependencies) v0

– Plugin State –

Cycle number = 1
Cycle Step = SOLVE

Loaded Plugins (2):

  • ‘quilt_loader’ (Builtin)
  • ‘quilted_fabric_loader’ (Builtin)

Essential is incompatible with QKL.

Please don’t use Essential for now or find an alternative.

finally got it working after a bit thx

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How were you able to fix it?

I’m having the same issue but removing either one then making sure its updated leads to more errors

create a new forum post and post your logs when removing Essential

You basically need to make sure none of the files related to Fabric Language Kotlin nor Quilt Kotlin Libraries are present, then install this

If you are still crashing after that, that means something else is at fault. Another user reported that they needed to update Quilt loader to the latest version, so you could try that. If that doesn’t help, send your own logs in a new thread.

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