Complex solver error, Minecraft failed to launch

Hi dear Quilt Team
Hope you can help with this. Theres no rush :D

What happened
Quilt crashed and it said that Minecraft failed to launch, and that it was a complex solver error. Can I report this? I read a few months back that quilt was still in development. so maybe its not really meant to be used yet?

The Reports

  • It showed three different rule breakages all having something to with fabric language kotlin. The first rule said that i should use a version of quilt-kotlin-libraries that was at least 2.1.2 or newer, which was already inside the mods folder. The other rule breakages are quite a bit longer and have no clue what do to.

  • If you want the crash report, please tell me how to upload it, since i cant find the right button to upload txt.

What I did
I updated the mods inside a modpack, and came to this point. If what I wrote is confusing, ill gladly publish the crash report and the comlex solver error.

Why I did it
I consistently experienced severe performance issues which were very unusual.

Thank you again!

(The screenshot of the report never finish to upload)

Remove Fabric Language Kotlin and only leave Quilt Kotlin Libraries in.

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