Custom Content Smp (fan-made) modpack crashe

Hello, I am not able to read where is the mistake in this modpack, and I’m asking someone who can undestand this crash report to tell me what do I have to do to fix the problem and play this modpack, please. Thanks in advance.

Here is the crash report: Unknown Log [#GQa3QKG] -

(I put it with this link like @SplendidAlakey said in this post: [Mc modpack crash 1.18])(Mc modpack crash 1.18)

Charter is incompatible with Lithium, because Charter is attempting to do something, that Lithium already modifies. If Charter devs want to keep their mod compatible with Lithium, you should report it to them and they should fix that. If not, then the 2 mods can’t be used together.

Oh, ok. Thank you! I’m going to go and warn the author of this mod.

Oh wait, I just saw that the mod Charter isn’t fully released. Sorry to have disturbed you.

No problem at all. You can still let the developers know about the conflict, they might want to fix it before a full release.

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