Dropped Items are not rendering on server, but are rendering on singleplayer

Here be dragons! haha i have 400+ mods installed and of course stuff breaks!!!

Here are the most apparent issues with my VERY experimental modpack:

  • dropped items are not rendering at all(maybe for one frame, but then they cease to exist on client-side(F3+B does not show anything), however i can still pick the items up albeit blindly.

-3d skin layers do not work at all, i have remove all the skin tweaker mods i had installed.

I will provide the list of mods / a google drive link to the server jars i have used in a future reply, but first i want to hear what you guys think might cause this issue :thinking:

I forgot to mention, when playing singleplayer the dropped items work as expected, even with the physics mod enabled/disabled. I will now include a link to the list of mods i have used.

Link to Drive zip folder - if you don’t trust it just browse through the names of the jar files to see what i am running

It’d be better for you to upload your full latest.log to https://mclo.gs/ and send back the link. 400+ mods is way too much for anyone to download just to test 1 issue. Not to mention other factors such as: it might be your configs that are broken, it might be your server specifically, not everyone can even run such a large pack (especially not on a server) and lastly you are probably breaking a myriad of licenses by uploading the mods like that.

Granted, even with your logs, it’s probably going to be very difficult to pinpoint the cause, unless the logs mention something directly related to the issue, so you can probably go ahead and start binary searching for the problematic mod(-s). Since it’s on a server, it’s going to take a lot longer, so here are some tips, that I personally stick to when binary searching:

  1. Start with no mods at all, test if a pure Quilt server functions correctly
  2. Assuming it does, create a folder called “dependencies” within your and your server’s mods folders, add every dependency mod into it and try the server now;
  • If it doesn’t work even with a pure Quilt server, I’d try Fabric, Vanilla and optionally Forge to find out whether it’s Quilt or the server that is broken.
  1. Assuming everything works correctly with all the dependencies loaded, start adding your actual mods into the regular mods folder in groups of 100 or so (binary searching implies you’d add half of them, but with that many mods I find it easier to split them into more groups);
  • At some point your issue is going to appear, that’s when you should start removing mods, in smaller groups, e.g. 50, starting with the ones you added last;
  • Repeat this step until you have the minimum amount of mods loaded with the issue still happening.
  1. Once you’ve found your culprit, either report it to the relevant party (mod devs, Quilt devs, your server host etc.) or simply remove it and play without it.

As a general tip also wipe your config folders prior to binary searching, so that any potentially corrupt configs get reset, as well as match between your client and the server.

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