Im having some self conflicting errors in rule breakage

so im making a create mod pack with roughtly 240 mods, so theres bound to be problems, nothing i havent solved with forums and google before, but im not quite used to quilt yet and after reading the error messages it gave me they seemed off, this may just be how theyre normally written but most of them dont seem to have an issue? the only one i can see would be “conflicting options” under rule 1, but in case of say rule 3 it lists what it calls an “okay option” but still gives an error? im very lost and whatever helps helps, thanks!

The official Create builds aren’t compatible with Sodium 0.5.0+, you can either downgrade Sodium and every mod that depends on it or try this Create fork, that promises to work with Sodium 0.5.0+ Create Fabric Sodium Fix - Minecraft Mod

eyyyyy, thank you, worked like a charm and all seems to be good now! love me a good community

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