Mod Incompatibility Megathread

Terrestria, Traverse, Cinderscapes with QFAPI(0.18.1-beta.27) does not work and crashes the game during loading.

Related issues:
Crash when launching the game on Quilt 1.19.3 · Issue #95 · TerraformersMC/Traverse (

Additional note: This issue is for Traverse, but same error occurs on all three mods as well.

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This seems to have been fixed with loader 0.18.x.

I’ve made some updates to the first post, and it’s important that anyone editing it understands the changes.

  1. Limitless doesn’t seem to exist any more, so I’ve removed it.
  2. The post now contains a blob of JSON that will be used by Cozy as a source of truth for detecting incompatible mods. It’s important that this is kept up to date when the post is otherwise edited, so I’ve included some information on that near the top of the post. Please be sure to read it!

0.18.1 is stable now, so we’re flagging Charmonium as startup crashing after 0.17.

BigBeacons mod for 1.19.2 is incompatible. Will not launch when mod is installed.

VulkanMod is incompatible
Quilt 1.19.4 Client Log [#SAn8CDb] -
Quilt 1.19.4 Client Log [#iYcFOPs] -
Vanilla 1.19.4 Crash Report [#R9YaUKz] -