New Sponsor: Cloudflare

Why Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a clear leader[1][2][3] when it comes to DDoS protection, WAF, Edge services and computing. Cloudflare also has the clear advantage of being the only provider with unmetered* bandwidth and a decent free plan.

We’ve been using Cloudflare for the past 6 months and have been able to reduce our infrastructure costs by more than 90%.

What is this sponsor?

Cloudflare offers a fairly standard sponsorship for non-profit open source projects that consist in giving the project free access to their Pro tier in exchange for a link to their website on our front page.

Why do we need the Pro tier?

Between others:

  • Truly unmetered bandwidth
  • More rules
  • Cloudflare Polish and Mirage
  • Edge analytics
  • Cache analytics
  • Unlimited cache purges
  • Raised API limits
  • Custom error pages

What about the recent drama?

While we acknowledge the recent drama surrounding Cloudflare, they are a company hard to do without. Even though they had a problematic first approach, we also have to recognize that the issue is now resolved. We believe that despite those issues, the massive benefits brought by Cloudflare still make it a sponsor worth considering.

What is this thread for?

We want to hear your opinion, according to our process defined by RFC 61.


Voicing my support for this :slight_smile:

I support this. Despite the fact that they have had their share of controversies in the past, I think it’s hard to argue against the products they offer. Infrastructure benefits from economies of scale that only large corporations can really offer, and as large corporations go I think Cloudflare is doing quite well. I also think that providing services at a fair and competitive price is one of the most important guidelines, and Cloudflare certainly meets that criteria.

(sorry, couldn’t resist)

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I’ve reached out to Cloudflare.

they kicked off kiwifarms, very wholesome

Cloudflare has accepted our sponsorship request.