New Sponsor:

We would like to suggest as an endorsed Quilt sponsor.

We’ve been using Sentry since Quilt’s inception. Sentry is a precious operational tool allowing you to track errors and slowdowns across our projects. It is also fully open-source.

At the moment, we’re using an instance self-hosted by a community member, which is far from ideal. We need to have our own instance. Running Sentry on your own infrastructure has some self-dependency issues - how are you gonna inspect an infrastructure crash if the inspection tools are on the infrastructure that just crashed? It is also known to be a complex service to self-host. Our best option is therefore to get a hosted instance from Sentry themselves.

Sentry has an open-source sponsorship program that we’re looking to apply for.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.


It’s me, I’m the “community member”, haha

Sentry is a fantastic tool, and their hosted instance is great - I’m all for this

+1 for sentry. Seems excellent, and why host it ourselves when we can get them to do it?

Amazing tool, I’m all for this.

Yes! Love sentry

Since both the tool and the sponsorship program are open-source, I think it’s a good fit.