Potential New Sponsor: Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean

Our current infrastructure is provided by CHS, although it has the issue of not being able to fail over properly - it has a few single failure points. In order to increase the reliability of our infrastructure and the mission-critical services on it, we’re looking at getting an additional sponsorship from an infrastructure provider.

Note that we haven’t reached out to those companies yet! We don’t know if they’d sponsor Quilt, but we’re required by the RFC 61 to have this discussion beforehand. Here is the list of companies we’d like to reach out to:

Those are three great premium infrastructure providers that we would be perfectly comfortable recommending if they can offer a good sponsorship. We’re also open to more suggestions!

Do you have any concerns before we reach out to those companies? Please note that even if they come back with an offer, they’d be discussed separately before any action is taken.

If I’m not entirely mistaken, I believe we did obtain a non-endorsed sponsorship from DigitalOcean super early on, before we had guidelines. However, I believe it only covered the cost of a single droplet.

I have only used Linode in the past, and my experience with them was nothing short of excellent. It is a bit more pricey then, say, Hetzner, but you definitely get your money’s worth.

I’ve reached out to Linode and Vultr. Due to Digital Ocean’s poor sponsorship offering, I’ve decided to not reach out.

Edit: Vultr declined in less than two minutes

Ive condiered trying Vultr as a sponsor since i use them for stuff but they require huge amounts of sales