Something is wrong with my Quilt API :/

For the past 2 days I’ve been trying to sort out my Quilt Loader and for some reason, every time I’ve trying running the loader (obviously with the API), it seems to always show up with a, “Internal Error!”. I haven’t got a single clue why this is, I’ve tried downloading the loader, the API over and over again. Reinstalling the Minecraft Launcher, reinstalling Java. I’ve even tried other versions of quilt and still showing an “Internal Error!”.
It’s clear that it’s the API bc I’ve run the loader with ONLY the API and the dreaded “Internal Error!” appears.
(Crash Report w/ only the quilt API loaded. 1.19.2 btw)

I’ve never seen anyone have this issue with just QSL before, but you can try installing this to see if it fixes it for you I’d recommend completely deleting your config folder as well.

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