The Quilt Non-Profit

Quilt is now a registered non-profit!

Yesterday, The Quilt Project became an official non-profit located in France! (pending registration, SIRET will go here)

For more information on the why, please see in the corresponding Discord thread.

Joining the non-profit

Why would you want to join the non-profit:

  1. This is a direct support to the non-profit that gives us more weight when negotiating sponsorships or grants
  2. If you develop the Quilt loader directly, you benefit from a waiver of your personal responsibility

You can register through this simple form: QuiltMC | Join The Non-Profit. It is entirely free! It would be a huge help and only takes you less than a minute.

If you have any question, feel free to ask on Discord or in the replies.

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Yay. Sounds good for quilt. I have been planning to make a company for many of my projects as well. What does signing up for the non profit do? I am reluctant to give me legal name.

It does the two things listed in the announcement. There isn’t much outside of that.