1.19.3 0.18.1-beta.22 getting error when connect to a server

Version shows like on title.
Came with error when I connect to a server or play on single play.
"Internal Exception: java.lang.NoSuch.MethodError: ‘net.minecraft.class_2535 net.minecraft.class_634.method_48296()’


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why i’m doing this on 12:40 AM
wtf lol
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Can’t quite figure it out. You probably have a 1.19.2 mod on 1.19.3. The only one I can see is reeses-sodium-options, but that shouldn’t cause this issue.

Any recommand ways to debug client?
I’m newbee on debuging client so…
idk anything ;w;

Looks like “Bad Packet” will broke minecraft logic…
still testing…

1.19.3 need use 0.3.4 of Bad Packets or will broke Method

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