1.19.3 Internal Error while Running Game

Hello! I just recently installed around 100 fabric and quilt mods onto a new instance in MultiMC5 and keep on getting this error in Quilt Loader:

Internal Error!
Something went wrong while running the game
Please report this error to the quilt forums so we can help fix this.

I don’t mind deleting mods or anything as a solution. Any advice would help.

Crash report here: 1.19.3 Crash Report #1 - Pastebin

Looks like an issue with viafabric, maybe out of date?

That was a part of the problem and now it just crashes with no quilt popup.

new crash log here: Paste.ee - Log Upload

Got further this time!

Seems like noindium is throwing a fit, usually thats something mod devs include in their own mods though, and not something youd install.

Probably works if you install indium Indium - Minecraft Mod or remove sodium

I already had Indium in my mods but, the issue was NoIndium. I removed it from my mods folder and it fixed the crashing issue. Thanks for the help!

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