1.19.4 Internal Error, 0.19.0-beta.18

Unsure what’s causing this crash. Report is given in a pastebin below.

Could you remove MemoryLeakFix and/or Show Me Your Skin! and send the new logs (I’m expecting you to still crash without these mods). If you don’t crash, however, then re-download both mods and try again, as I can’t reproduce the crash with just these 2 mods, despite them showing up in the stack trace.

Removed both mods, no crash. Only SMYS removed, crash (see crash-2023-05-30_13.09.22.8607-quilt_loader - Pastebin.com). Only MLF removed, crash (appears to think normal quit, though, as there is no crash report. See not a crash, apparently - Pastebin.com). Both readded, crash (same crash log as before, I’m assuming. Can produce crash report at request).

Could you, please, remove Not Enough Crashes and Let me play Iris and reproduce the crash with the new logs? I suspect it’s incorrectly reporting the stack traces, because it doesn’t make much sense. MemoryLeakFix gets mixed up with MixinExtras, but it includes it itself, so that’s just weird (and not reproducible alone), whereas Show Me Your Skin! claims to have some errors with elytra glint settings, which is also not reproducible alone.

New crash report (SMYS/MLF present, NEC/LMPI not unless I’ve misread your request). crash-2023-05-30_13.41.13.4751-quilt_loader - Pastebin.com

Alright, I don’t think NEC was messing anything up this time, because the logs seem to pretty much be the same… The only useful information I can gather is that hugeScreenshotLeak fix from MemoryLeakFix is conflicting with something.

If you have the time and don’t mind doing a binary search - that would be best. I can’t reproduce this crash with MLF + SMYS + NEC + Iris + Sodium, which means it’s a mod conflict for sure with one of your other mods.

Binary searching is when you only install half of your current mods, check if it works, if it doesn’t - cut it in half again, if it does - add a half of your other half. Keep doing that until you get the combination of mods, that causes the crash. Ideally with the minimum amount of mods present.

Otherwise, you would have to not use MLF and SMYS.

Mod causing issues was Exordium, modpack in its entirety works without it.
Edit: removed crash report, did a stupid. Crash report of MLF and Exordium only is at MLF/Exordium moment - Pastebin.com.

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Thanks for doing this! It appears to be a Quilt Loader bug or at least specific to it, as it doesn’t happen on Fabric. Therefore I went ahead and made a report you can track here: Exordium is incompatible with MemoryLeakFix specifically on Quilt · Issue #315 · QuiltMC/quilt-loader · GitHub

Exordium is currently being rewritten, so I’d suggest not to use it in the time being and hope that the issue is fixed in the future.

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