1.20.1 Crash (Internal Error; 35 mods)

Hi, my game isn’t loading :,)
I tried seeing if mods marked for 1.20 only were the issue, but it still didn’t seem to work.

Log: Unknown Log [#r59klgW] - mclo.gs

The error indicates, that your entire game is corrupted and needs to be fully reinstalled. Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with mods.

Understood. I deleted all contents of .minecraft and only imported personal files (saves, resourcepacks, mods, shaderpacks, backups and screenshots) after reinstalling. However, I now have different issues with opening the game.

Logs: Unknown Log [#wP0m1tl] - mclo.gs

This one comes from Roughly Enough Items. Specifically the error notifier it bundles. I don’t know exactly what’s wrong, but maybe worth reporting to REI.

Edit: for what it’s worth, I can’t reproduce the crash with these mods on Quilt Loader 0.19.1:

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