About the Community Projects category

Mods, modpacks, tools and other projects that make use of Quilt. Post your project releases, or discover new projects!

Posting Guide

  • Remember to include an image with your post - this will be turned into a thumbnail; see below for more
  • Your project may only have one topic. Projects with multiple topics are liable to be removed unceremoniously
  • Make sure you tag your projects appropriately when you create its topic - pick the tags that seem right!
  • Take care of your topics - post updates, respond to users and generally appear active in your topics


By default, the first image in your post becomes its thumbnail. Your thumbnail image should match a ratio of 3 : 2 (for example, 900 x 600) — it’ll be cropped to match in the topic list if you don’t do that.

If you’d like to use a different image as your thumbnail, you can do any of the following:

  • Edit your post and add |thumbnail to the alt text - for example, ![image](url) would become ![image|thumbnail](url)
  • Click the pencil icon next to the title of your post, and hit the Select thumbnail button

Note: It may take a while for your thumbnail to show up if you’re using an external image. It may be best to upload the image directly to your post - you can do so by simply dragging the image into the editor, or by hitting the Upload button (image).

Allowed Projects

  • Quilt mods and modpacks, and tools and projects that specifically target Quilt users and developers
  • Fabric mods that are intentionally compatible with Quilt

Disallowed Projects

  • Anything commercial or paid-for
  • Fabric mods that don’t work on Quilt
  • Forge mods or mods for other incompatible mod-loaders
  • Projects that exist in retaliation to Quilt’s existence, or that harass Quilt or other projects
  • Projects that are owned by people we’ve banned (but it’s fine if they’re just a maintainer)