Add exemption to QuiltMC Mod validator for files which contain "fpm" in their name

Hi, I am the developer of FeatureCreep, a module loader which allows you to make version independent mods that can work on top of other mod loaders, such as quilt. However, recently Quilt has implemented a system of Mod Validation, meaning Modules designed for FeatureCreep can no longer work on quilt without Quilt crashing. The reason for this is that FeatureCreep Modules are NOT directly Quilt or Fabric mods but are instead their own mods which are loaded through FeatureCreep, but Quilt still sees the Modules in the mods folder and does not let you enter the game. FeatureCreep Modules often end in .fpm or .fpm.jar (for Curseforge compliance), can you Please add an exemption for mods which contain the word “fpm” in their name (and maybe in the validator specify that said files may require featurecreep)? It would allow Mods designed for FeatureCreep to work on Quilt again without users having to rename the files or being incompatible with quilt.
Thank You, and sorry if this is not the correct section!

Screenshot from 2022-12-12 17-48-59

We’ll have to wait for Alex to give an answer, but here are my thoughts in the meantime:

  • Hardcoding an exception doesn’t sound like a great idea
  • This would be much better suited for a loader plugin
  • Loader plugins exist, but can’t be added via mods yet
  • in the meantime, maybe we can have a loader config option to make it not crash on unknown mod types

Possibly. I did see a thread on a similar topic where alex said he add some extension exemptions, so we will need to see how those turn out. I am hoping by the time 18.0 is actually released that the loader plugins are more complete and mods will be able to easily implement them for making some exemptions or just ignoring the mod validator all together. Right now there are issues with some mods which used to do stuff in the mods folder before and it could be an inconvenience for people who like to just store there forge mods even when they play quilt. In the current form I reckon the mod validator will need some more work to become viable. Perhaps a warning system like the old MC Forge system of saying XYZ is not a valid mod but still letting the player play would be a better solution.

Are there any good loader plugin samples I can see to get a look at the API?