Any mod difference at all (real or imagined) causes blocks to display wrong

I’m working on a modpack, but I’m mostly used to forge and new to fabric/quilt.
It seems like, a lot of the time, the server and client disagree on some internal mapping thing, and blocks that should be displaying as one thing, instead display as another (that is, the client seems to misunderstand what block it is being sent by the server).
This would be fine if it only happened when the server and client really had different mods installed, but it even happens when they don’t.
So, my questions are:

  • is this supposed to happen?
  • if not, what could be causing it? (I’ll provide logs)
  • if yes, how do I prevent it / debug it?


Make sure your configs are also absolutely identical. If you are sure everything perfectly matches between the server and the client, try installing this mod Block Limit Fix - Minecraft Mod

All of my mods and configs are definitely identical, so I’ll try installing that mod. Thanks!

Dang. After installing that mod and directly copying over my mods and config folders immediately before launching the server, the error persists.

In that case I’m kind of out of ideas. You can upload the logs and maybe someone else can solve it (I’ll also take a look), but it might be faster if you just binary search for the responsible mod. If you are unfamiliar with binary searching, you basically do the following:

  1. Remove all mods, try to reproduce the issue - if all’s good, proceed
  2. Add half of your mods, including their required dependencies - try to reproduce again, if the issue isn’t there - proceed to adding a half of the other half of your mods; if the issue is there - do the opposite, remove half of the initial half of the mods you added
  3. Repeat the 2nd step until you either hit a single mod or a combination of mods, that result in you having this problem; ideally reproduce it with as few mods, as possible

Once you’ve found the culprit, you will most likely want to report the issue to the devs and abstain from using the mod for the time being.

Are you hosting the server??

Yes, I am. I’m using BisectHosting to host the live version, but I’m hosting locally for testing.

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