Are there any plans about ending compatibility for Fabric?

Quilt is currently compatible with Fabric, but is there a clear date of ending the compatibility?

We have no plans to end support for Fabric, but we know there’s a possibility that some day in the future we will get to the point where maintaining support for Fabric will be too much work for the benefits that it provides. We don’t see that happening any time soon, though, if at all.


So I can use Quilt replacing Fabric for a considerable time?


The only situation I personally can see us dropping Fabric support in is where Fabric becomes extremely hard to maintain support for, and also almost all mods run on Quilt anyway, so most users wouldn’t even notice.

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Wasn’t Forge compatible with mods for Risugami’s Mod Loader up until the latter was discontinued? I wonder if it might end up being a similar situation for Quilt and Fabric.

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