Blind Crash When Attempting to Make/Load into a Singleplayer World.

I’ve been trying with different configurations, even removed half the mods I originally had, I continuously get the same error telling me to Seek Help, being new to Quilt as a whole, Thus I finally caved, Pastebin Below, Appreciate the help in advanced!

Looks like an issue with The Corners. I would see if there is an updated version for 1.19.3

I completely disabled it, a similar error continues, a very common line I’ve seen each log is “Recovery reason: java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to create model for minecraft:zombified_piglin” don’t know if it helps figure the error out, but it happens even with MoreMcmeta disabled.

seems like something’s going wrong with custom entity models – i’m not too sure what’s causing the crash, but cem appeared in the stack trace and would match up with failures to register entity models.

also are you sure you are running all 1.19.3 mods? I’ve heard that broke a surprising amount for a minor update, so I wouldn’t be surprised if an unupdated mod is mixing into code that changed and breaking everything in the process.

Yup, All 1.19.3, I even used Prism Launchers built in mods list that locks it to the current version in terms of comparability, I’ve just removed all Entity Altering mods along with any furtinure and still get an entity issue, here’s an updated crash log of this exact configuration incase it helps.

I know i’m entering into “long shot” territory, but Wynntils? It says something about overlays, which is exactly what’s wrong.

Also, if Prism installed these mods in this specific version (so you didn’t update the pack from 1.19.2), might want to warn the devs of that launcher

It threw out the same issue with “wynntils” completely disabled, only this time it didn’t even get to load past the loading screen, I originally thought it was just some incompatible mods, usually even I can identify those easily, but right now I feel like something else is going wrong, I didn’t make any conscious effort towards installing any HUD’s or overlays, though I also see it signalling furniture 13 lines down.

Do you think I should warn the devs with this same log or after I figure the issue if I even can?

I’m starting to thing it might be any mod whatsoverer doing something unexpected…
Try disabling all mods, and then enable about a tenth of them at a time.

will do, thanks for trying to help me out here, never really had an issue like this, even from the years I have playing and modding minecraft, I will leave this for tomorrow, I did exactly this and it threw some Mixin error at me, possibly some lib I didn’t toggle, but will update tomorrow morning after a few attempts.

So, any progress

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