Built in Quilt API ideas

I had a few ideas for quilt API to help mods be more compatible.

  1. Built in Electricity API(Like Universal electricity or Redstone flux.

  2. Better/easier Built in registry tools(mainly for registring and defining a basic block in 1 line of code, like a prefab class.)

2.5. A prefab class that allows you to add standered blocks without all the json files/add new stone/ore types, the prefab class could also be used to register basic ore stereotypes such as adding a ore(block), raw ore item(for gold and iron type prefab), ingot/item(item), raw block(block made from raw ore items).

2.7. The prefab class should register world gen and recipes automatically(should be able to toggle/easily switch the material(for tools you could switch the stick and tool material)

  1. They’re should be public classes for all tools so mods don’t have to make to classes to make some tool classes public.

  2. Maybe add some common modded tool classes(such as a hammer, excavator, dagger, spear,paxel,shickaxe) - the hammer and excavator mines 3x3x1(excavator = 3x3 shovel, hammer = 3x3 pickaxe,paxel = pickaxe/axe/shovel, shickaxe = shovel/pickaxe), such tools should have less durability(in my opinion)

Note for #4 Shickaxe might only belong to Divine RPG but I’m not sure so they might own the idea completely making it a non community tool.

  1. Cauldron/tank template block class, should have a parameter to tell how many buckets it can hold and if it can hold lava(maybe put it in the tutorial mod as an example.

  2. Easier entity registration(maybe 2 lines in main mod class. And 1 line in the client that deals with models and rendering).

  3. Support for intelliJ IDEA minecraft modding Plug-In

  4. event handler like forge/fml has(is very much needed).

PS. I am not good with finding the right place to post so please if possible move my post for me and correct me if I post in wrong area

Hey! Thanks for taking an interest in quilt. Thought id go through and address some of your points

Very quick ones, 7 isnt on us, we dont have any control over that plugin so we cant add support. 1 was already discussed internally and rejected due to a number of reasons. 4 is almost certainly not going to happen, new items extend far outside the scope of quilt.

Im not quite sure what your complaint/idea is with 2 to be honest, its already just Registry.register(Registries.XXXXXX, Identifier("namespace", "path"), instance)?

The idea of prefab classes is, interesting, but you can already create it yourself very easily. Material/value modifications can be done just by creating a new instance of the class, and datagen is easy to setup, along with being much more configurable than a builtin system.

For 3 I also dont understand what you want, as far as im aware theyre already public and can just be trivially extended?

Same with 5, cauldron block is public, you can already extend it. Tanks and such would fall under fluid api which, if you dont want to wait for QSL, is available in QFAPI.

Could you give an example of your complaints with entity registration? theres an entity type builder already if you need it, and everything else seems pretty easy.

8 is just, not happening, ever. Our event system is working and very performant. Theres no reason to convert it into a slow, reflection-based global bus. If your complaint is having to register your listeners, you can make most of them register at startup by using event entrypoints.

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As far as my second idea/recommendation (2 on list) I believe the Axe and Hoe classes are private or atleast were in previous versions because I had to make a new class and couldn’t directly extend some tool classes in a new class to reference the original tool class(not quite sure what tools do this as I’m traveling and on mobile).

Sorry I got mixed up between your entity builder and fabrics. Sorry about that yours looks a lot easier but I’ll let you know if I see anyways to improve upon it. Thank you for replying and thank you for being kind and understanding<3

Also the MinecraftDevelopment IDEA plugin has Quilt support planned (Support for QuiltMC · Issue #1827 · minecraft-dev/MinecraftDev · GitHub), which was waiting on another (now finished, but not yet merged) PR (Minecraft new project wizard by Earthcomputer · Pull Request #1933 · minecraft-dev/MinecraftDev · GitHub), so it looks like development on it might start/continue soon :tm:

Thank you for telling me (: sorry if I sound like I’m asking nonsense questions I haven’t been on a site like this(besides Facebook groups and Instagram chats) in over 2 maybe 3 years. So I appreciate the sweet and kind reply’s I’m getting<3