Concerns About 0.18.x New Mod Loading Policy

I’d like to state that, according to the wiki, there is no way to force Quilt Loader to ignore non-mod files in the mods folder if they don’t start with a . or end with .disabled.[1] This is a somewhat prevalent issue, especially for compatibility reasons. Will there be a way to force Quilt Loader to ignore specific files sometime soon, or will this become a compatibility issue?

Additionally, the new > and < folder naming policies are rather concerning as they do not work on Windows. I know Quilt is only in beta, so I assume this will be addressed soon enough.

And, I know that mods shouldn’t be doing this, but I’m just worried that the occasional mod may erroneously create files in the mods folder.

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It’s not planned to be able to ignore specific files, (with the possible exception of more file extensions) - however entire folders can be ignored, which fixes the compatibility issues that I’ve run into so far (specifically VoxelMap and Essentials store data in sub-folders, which is a lot easier to work around). I haven’t heard of additional mods that do this though - if you have specific examples I’d really like to hear them!

I’d really like to discourage mods from doing this though, since a future quilt-loader update will bring loader-plugins, which can load any file in the mods folder as a mod. (And then I’d like to fail hard if a user installed a mod which can only be loaded by a plugin, but forgot to include the plugin which can load it).

The < and > folder names is just because it was the easiest way to add this feature - since this way we could just reuse the mod dependency code. I’d love to be able to also include a windows-compatible way to do this though, I’m just not sure how.

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