ConfiguredFeatures in BiomeModificationAPI

Probably a simple misunderstanding, but im currently trying to setup configuredfeatures and placedfeatures for my ores. Two things have me stuck.

  1. public static final RegistryEntry<ConfiguredFeature<OreFeatureConfig, ?>> ORENAME_ORE =
    importing net.minecraft.util.registry.RegistryEntry it cannot be resolved, my editor suggests DynamicRegistryManager, which im assuming might be correct as it resolved that part of the issue.

  2. ConfiguredFeatures.register Im not finding an import at all for this.

Am I missing a step? or is there a different way of doing this?

I don’t really know which version of Minecraft you’re modding, but in 1.19.x registering such features by code is very tricky.

The simplest is to write those as datapack JSONs then injecting the placed feature using BiomeModifications which will take a RegistryKey of your placed feature.

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Ah I see, that makes sense. I’m used to earlier versions, thankyou!