Granted. It also comes with 2010 internet culture.

You are called very rude words on a semi regular basis.

I wish I didn’t see amogus in everything

Granted, you can only see Fortnite in everything

I wish people respect the rules of the forum games they play.

Wish not granted.

I wish that everything in the world was purple.

Wish granted. Everything in the world is now physically the color purple. How that works, IDK.

I wish I didn’t make a wish.

Granted. You had previously found a way to successfully wish for all of the things that would have made your life the happiest you can imagine, and with no consequences. The wish is now revoked.

I wish to finish all of the stories I’ve started writing.

Granted. They all finish on cliffhangers.

I wish I had a better memory.

Granted, you’ve got perfect memory and remember to check this forum game every day to see if anyone replied. But no everyone else forgets about it and doesn’t reply until a month later.

I wish for an infinite cup of hot tea

Granted, however someone has glued it to the ceiling. Might get a bit wet in your room.

I wish to always be at a comfortable body temperature, regardless of how cold it is outside.

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Wish granted until 13/02/2999, but a mischievious tiny creature that looks suspiciously like a potato now lives in your walls.

I wish to be sylveon.

Wish granted, you are doomed to web development i got lazy

I wish the wish of the person below me doesn’t go wrong.

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Wish granted, but my wish isn’t for me.

I wish that the person below me has a nice day :)

wish granted, ender had a very good day

ender wishes that the person bellow had some hot choccy

Wish granted, but a CK-class reality restructuring event caused the hot chocolate to cease existence.

I wish I wasn’t doomed to do web development.