The classic forum game: :magic_wand: Corrupt-a-Wish! :sparkles:

The game is simple: someone makes a wish, then the next person grants but corrupts the wish to twist it in a way neither intended nor wanted by the wisher. Then, they make a wish and the cycle repeats.

For example,

Person A:
I wish to always have comfy socks!

Person B:
Granted, but your socks will always be of different sizes.

I wish for a pen which never runs out of ink.

And so on and so forth. Be as creative as you want in making wishes and corrupting them!

I’ll start us off:

I wish I had enough time to make and finish my projects.


You are eternally trapped making projects, no escape, you cannot stop, you cannot leave

As it seem stuck, here’s another wish

I wish I knew how to draw

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Your wish is granted, but you can only draw autumnal trees.

I wish I was able to use actual magic

Your wish is granted, but each time you cast a spell, you have a 10 percent chance of turning the spell wild, causing random effects, that can range from a carpet instantaneously combusting to disable all magic in a 20km radius, causing a Tarrasque to be freed from the depths

No I've not watched too much DnD animated stories, I'm not like that

Here’s my wish:

I wish to end all wars in the world

Granted, the human race goes extinct, ending all wars.

I wish my code would work.

granted, your code works but you can only write code in x64 assembly

i wish to have the motivation to do the things i want to do

But you only have the Motivation to do so when you have other things to do.

I wish i was the smartest person alive.

Granted, but you are the only person alive

I wish I had friends

Granted, allthough all of your Friends are 1 year old Babys with an iq of 5.

I wish i forget everything Bad in the world.

Granted, you forget about poisonous mushrooms, eat one, and die of poisoning soon after.

I wish that I could make a non-corruptable wish

Your wish is granted, you are now able to make an uncorruptible wish. But before you even get the chance to think about something to wish, the monkey’s paw goes down to ashes, making you unable to use it.
Achievement unlocked: Monkey paws are so fragile

I wish to be able to speak to animals

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Wish granted, however the only words you know in the languages spoken by animals are extreme vulgarities.

I wish to be able to shapeshift!

But you can only shapeshift into an firefly without having control of its body (like beeing a passenger in its mind)

I wish I was a dog.

Granted, you become a dog, but you lose all your human intelligence. The only part of it that’s left is the part that remembers how smart you used to be compared to what you are now. You are consumed by frustration and regret your entire life.

I wish that I could bend the elements (think Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Granted, but the elements rebel and decide to bend you, every time you use your power a part of yourself get modified and bent to the element’s pleasure… and for your pain.

I wish i could understand all spoken languages

Granted, but you can’t comunicate with others and are stuck with only listening to them.

I wish I could transform into every animal.

Granted, except you don’t retain any memories and you are dumb like a brick in the animal form.

I wish I was rich

You were rich, but you lost it all because <insert creative reason> and are now wanted in 32 countries

I wish to not have allergies

granted, but now everyone else is allergic to you.

i wish for a theme that makes this forum look like a 2010 punbb forum