Couldn't load tag as it is missing following references

client log ATLauncher Paste
server log - server log

loading a singleplayer world works just fine, but joining a localhost server always gives these “couldnt load tag” errors, no idea why

@temathy did you figure out what was causing this? Having a similar issue

ive had this happen with owolib+things and bclib+betterend, ive reached out to developers of both of those and quilt developers themselves and my best bet is this PR Flatten Bundled Packets by TropheusJ · Pull Request #326 · QuiltMC/quilt-standard-libraries · GitHub

if this doesnt fix it them i have no idea what the issue is, likely a quilt side issue though

I built that PR myself (along with my change which fixes the %s issues so I can see the real error), and it did not fix my issue. I get both the tag issue and the issue attached. I might have things, I’ll look now.

Disabling owo and conjuring (the only owo dependant I have) fixed it. I’m going to talk to glisco about this now

yeah, it might be a similar issue with the bclib n betterend error but i havent been able to get to their dev with just the %s crashlog. when QSL updates ill try opening a new issue with them if i can get a more concise error on why it wont work

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