Crash upon starting the game

So I wanted to use Requiem together with a Fabric modpack that I already have up and running, so I copy&pasted all the mods into a new Quilt instance, replaced the Fabric API with QFAPI/QSL and Fabric Kotlin Libraries with Quilt Kotlin Libraries. However, when I try to start up the game it crashes saying “Something went wrong while running the game, please report this error to the quilt forums so we can help fix this”. So here I am doing this.
Here’s the crash report so those more experienced in the language of Minecraft crash reports can read it. Thanks!

Decorative Blocks is incompatible with quilt. If you remove that mod it should work.

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Ah sorry, I must’ve forgotten to remove that one.
It is now gone, but I now get another crash report that starts out as almost the same. How do I fix this one?

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