Crash when launching, imported all Fabric mods after checking for any incompatibility

Hi there, I just recently started using Quilt after a friend recommended it to me, but I keep crashing after getting the “I killed json with json” message. I’ve looked through my log and found nothing notable, but I’m not an expert on these subjects. Here is the crash report. I attempted to join the Discord server, but as it is later in the night where I am I thought posting here would be quicker. I apologize if this isn’t the right place to go, thank you in advance!

While I’m no expert, it looks to me like C2ME is using Mixin plugins, which Quilt does not support. Try removing it.

Quilt does support mixin plugins right now - it isn’t that specifically.

I have the same issue and I don’t have c2me installes

Okay, my issue was fixed after taking out lithium and effective, check if that works for you!

Lithium definitely works with Quilt