Crash when loading to any world or server

Hi, I’m really new to Quilt. My friend convinces me to switch from forge to Quilt and she send me all her mods. The problem is that my game crashes when I logged into any world or server (she said all the mods are client sided). I even did try making new world but it crashed too.

Here’s my crash report.

Hope there’s enough information and thank you in advance.

Had this kind of problem in the past, sometimes it’s complex to find out what causes the crash.
Does it work when you launch your game with only Quilt, QSL/QFAPI, Sodium and ModMenu, without any resources pack applied?
If yes, then you can add all the mods and resources packs one by one and test, until you stumble upon the one causing crash.
To simplify the process, I recommend using a launcher with instances, like PrismLauncher : all you’ll have to do is make an instance with everything you already have and then disable the mods in your instance. You can then re-enable them one by one for testing.

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