Crash with set of mods

latest.log: - View paste E702g
minecraft.log: - View paste 8b6h2


This is not nearly enough information to help you. Please post the contents of your latest.log and, if one was created, the contents of any relevant crash report file.

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Sorry for that. Link to the logs are added to the post

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This seems to be a problem with Not Enough Crashes - your versions line up, so I’m not sure why it’s broken. You could try removing it, though — it’s known to cause issues of its own occasionally.

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Another crash after disabling NEC

This looks like the same problem, but with Animatica - are you sure you have the latest versions of your mods for 1.18.2?

Looking at the logs it’s as if Intermediary was missing!

Could you please tell us which launcher are you using? As I think it might be an issue with it.

As Aurora said, this is a remapping issue. This is likely an issue with the launcher/installer and quilt’s maven.
Please let us know which launcher/installer you’re using!

It is called Hi Minecraft Launcher or HMCL.

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Sorry I was not here.
HMCL GitHub - huanghongxun/HMCL: A Minecraft Launcher which is multi-functional, cross-platform and popular

We have no experience with HMCL, but it looks like you can add an offline account without paying for Minecraft first, so we’re legally not allowed to provide support for it in the West.

Some of us have tested BakaXL with Quilt in the past, and it seems to work OK. If you want to stick with HMCL, please try to figure out whether it’s adding Intermediary to your instance - without it, no mods will work.

Yeah, the piracy version of minecraft is a big problem here in China, and it feels really bad for a some one who actually bought the game…
I bought the game though, but well, I use HMCL because of its simple UI and easy mod management. But I do understand you, and I would also not wanting to help raise awareness of piracy…
Guess BakaXL might be a better option to try. Anyway, thank you :D

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