Crashes on launch

here’s the crash report:
no idea what’s happening. the bug is with “confabricate”, i dont have that in my mods folder and i cant find which mod has confabricate as a built-in mod

I cant seem to open that page, could you upload to or another paste site?

Seems like at least of your mods is out of date, maybe check through those?

which ones

I have absolutely no way to tell

well can you at least tell me how to fix it

Could try a binary search

Binary Search - method to find mod problems
The binary search is a way of finding a faulty thing among a lot of other things, without having to remove the things one-by-one. This is useful for finding a broken mod among hundreds of mods, without having to spend time testing the mods one-by-one.
The procedure is simple:

  1. Remove half of the existing things, and put them aside.
  2. Run the program / game.
  3. Does the issue still exist?
    If YES: Repeat from step 1 with the current things.
    IF NO: Swap out the current things with the ones set aside, and repeat from step 1.
  4. Repeat this process until the problematic thing/s have been found.

Credit to the Forge Discord for these instructions.