Create install script for Quilt for Linux

Hey there,
I am trying to use Quilt in a self hosted game server panel called pterodactyl, and I need to create an install script for it. I am unsure from which URLs I need to get the files from and couldn’t find it in the install instructions. I will paste the install script for the Fabric server in the same panel below.

# Quilt MC Installation Script
# Server Files: /mnt/server
apt update
apt install -y curl jq unzip dos2unix wget
mkdir -p /mnt/server
cd /mnt/server

# Enable snapshots
if [ -z "$MC_VERSION" ] || [ "$MC_VERSION" == "latest" ]; then
  MC_VERSION=$(curl -sSL | jq -r '.[] | select(.stable== true )|.version' | head -n1)
elif [ "$MC_VERSION" == "snapshot" ]; then
  MC_VERSION=$(curl -sSL | jq -r '.[] | select(.stable== false )|.version' | head -n1)

if [ -z "$FABRIC_VERSION" ] || [ "$FABRIC_VERSION" == "latest" ]; then
  FABRIC_VERSION=$(curl -sSL | jq -r '.[0].version')
wget -O fabric-installer.jar$FABRIC_VERSION/fabric-installer-$FABRIC_VERSION.jar
java -jar fabric-installer.jar server -mcversion $MC_VERSION -downloadMinecraft
echo -e "Install Complete"

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

quilt has a meta server and a maven as well, they can be found at and

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