Fantasticgame28 (RoBaertschi)

Hello everyone.

My name is Fantasticgame28. You can also find me on some websites (like GitHub) as RoBaertschi.

Im from Switzerland and my native language is German. I also speak English and DeepL.
Im sorry for any wrong spelling or grammatical error.

Im always trying to be funny but most jokes are bad.:wink:

I tryied many programming languages but my most loved is Rust. I also write Java for Minecraft Mods.

My conntacts:

Fantasticgame28#5618 on Discord (not very active).

Thanks for reading. When somebody has any questions. Just ask!

Welcome! Good to see yet another one who has been enlightened by the mighty Ferris

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Hey, Fantastic, welcome to the forum! Just so you know, Discord is definitely our most busy community space, but we try to keep the forum going for those who prefer not to use it.

I went to Switzerland once, when I was very small, and it was one of the very best holidays I ever had. I’m jealous of your mountains and also of your competent public transport system.

I find that the trick to telling bad jokes is just leaning into it, and making it seem like it’s bad on purpose. Then everyone still thinks you’re hilarious :smile:

I think you’ll find a few fellow Rust lovers around here, seems to be popular with the sort of people who like Java, though I personally do not enjoy using it.

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