Game crashes during startup after switching from fabric to quilt

Heyo, quilt loader told me to put in a support request here. How can I get this working? I had everything working on fabric, but when I copy/pasted and switched out fabric API/loader for quilt (and cloth and whatever other stuff the launcher wanted me to switch out) I started getting crashes on startup.

Unfortunately, Terrestria is currently incompatible with other mods, that alter crop block behaviour, on Quilt. Your options are to either remove Terrestria, until it’s fixed: [Quilt] Crash with Balm · Issue #278 · TerraformersMC/Terrestria · GitHub; or stay on Fabric.

Quick edit: actually, you also have an option of ripping the CropBlock mixin out of Terrestria manually, if you know how and are not planning to publicly redistribute your modpack.

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Ah cool, thank you. I actually disabled Terrestria anyways on my fabric instance, so I’ll have to do the same on quilt and see if that helps. I’ll message back if it still doesn’t work :)

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