Game crashes immediately after startup

I’m not sure what’s causing the game crash and it only says “Internal Error”, any help? Here’s the crash log.

Effective is not 1.19.4 compatible. Remove the mod or use 1.19.3.

I have been trying to play on 1.19.3, and the game crashes regardless if Effective is in the mods or not. When I play without any mods in the folder, it starts up fine, so I’m not sure if there’s any mod in particular that’s causing an issue or if it’s multiple.

Seems like LodestoneLib is the problematic mod, it seems to expect 1.19.2 classes but you’re in 1.19.3…

1.19.2 mods are more often than not incompatible with 1.19.3 or 1.19.4. Minor versions matter now.

I’m not sure what LodestoneLib is, it’s not in my mod folder and I assume it’s something built into Quilt, how do I update it?

Under the -- Mods -- section you can see which file provides which mod.

One of those lines says this:
| 105 | LodestoneLib | lodestone | 413d9b4712 | quilt_loader | <mods>\effective-1.6+1.19.2.jar | /META-INF/jars/LodestoneLib-Quilt-413d9b4712.jar |
So the mod causing this problem is, indeed, effective.

You said the game crashed anyways even after removing that mod, though. Can you send the new crash report?

This is the new crash log, sorry if I’m making some amateur mistake, I don’t really know how modding or crash logs work.

Don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere.

TDLR: Your version of Mod Menu is for 1.18.2(!?), which is obviously not going to work. Upgrade to 5.0.2

The stack trace says something about mixin failures for Mod Menu.
Looking at the mod list, it doesn’t specify which version of Minecraft that mod is for, but going to the mod page shows that a major version of 3 indicates the mod is made for 1.18.2.

I’m fairly certain a 1.18 mod won’t work with 1.19…

I have no idea how I missed that, it actually launched this time, after removing a few other mods, and updating Mod Menu, but it instantly crashed afterwards before the Mojang logo even came up. Idk why I’m having so many issues with these mods, this hasn’t happened with any other mods I’ve used. Here’s the new crash log.

Ah, the “joys” of upgrading an existing pack to a new version… it all seems to work until everything breaks into a trillion pieces.

The stack trace suggests that Quilted Fabric API is the problem, to be specific, the rendering API – something quite unlikely, considering it’s meant for this version.

Thus, the problem is that something is preventing said API from working – in this case, the presence of Sodium, which doesn’t support said API, without Indium to act as a compatibility layer.

I originally had Indium, but I removed it because it said it had caused an error, here is the crash log I have when it is installed.

Very strange… I’m fairly certain one of your mods is mixing into that class, causing all sorts of breakage.

Looking at your mod list, Item Model Fix is only available for 1.19.2, which I’m fairly certain is causing the problem – it would have good reason use mixins in that class, so it could break in a non-obvious way

That wasn’t the issue, I got the same crash even after I removed it.

I solved it, turns out that the Clown Scythe was the mod causing the crash, which isn’t that surprising in hindsight since it isn’t public and probably wasn’t tested for bugs. Thanks for the help!

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…then i have no idea what’s causing the problem.

While looking at your mod list, I found that you have the Fabric version of MidnightLib, and not the Quilt version. I very much doubt that’s causing the problem, though…

Someone else seems to have a similar problem at Barebones Crash on 1.19.3 · Issue #70 · Motschen/Blur · GitHub, making me suspect this is really a QFAPI-side problem (apparently from Fabric specifically, as I found some bug reports using that), and I’m 90% certain 1.19.3 is out of support.

Seems like any mod can cause this, and there’s no way to find that mod.

I fear the only fix is to upgrade the pack… or find the one mod that caused the issue while I was typing this, which is also an option i guess.

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