Game crashes on launch saying internal error

The game crashes on launch saying internal error
I use the fabulously optimized mod pack with some mods added, so that could be the problem.

Log : Unknown Log [#EZkzauK] -

Extra mods are indeed the problem - Effective has not been updated past 1.19.2. You must only use those mods, that were specifically made for the version of MC you are on.

removed effective, i thought it had been updated to 1.20.1, but the game is still crashing

Send the new logs, please. Are your other mods 1.20.1 supported? e4mc-3.2.0+1.19.4-fabric.jar seems not to be.

removed it, still crashing

Log : Unknown Log [#p6fFiew] -

Quilt Tag Plus is causing this crash. You can track this issue for future updates, that should fix it: Dev versions uploaded to modrinth · Issue #3 · Mysterious-Dev/Quilt-Tag-Plus · GitHub

I added Quilt Tag Plus to try and fix it, which means the main cause isn’t that mod.

I will give you the log as soon as i can!

Edit : I have checked the issue and in my logs mappings load correctly while in the issue they don’t

Log : Unknown Log [#akS1ezN] -

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