Horizontal Scrolling Bug

Hey Developers of Quilt, i just wanna point out that it’s currently possible to Scroll Horizontally on the Quilt Website for Mobile Phones.

Heh Tryme, thanks for bringing this up!
Do you mind providing your OS and browser? It’s kind of important for fixing this.
Additionally, the GitHub repo for the site is generally a better place to report issues like this if you can.

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I’m using Android and Chrome. But the scaling of the website seems to break starting at 400 pixels going down

I’m also experiencing this (iPhone, Firefox)

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yeah pretty much all phones that is 400 pixels (max width) is experiencing this. I think the only way to fix this is to make it responsive for even more lower width or putting this to the css files

html, body {
   max-width: 100%;
   overflow-x: hidden;

Eh that’s really more of a hack, ideally the content should flex/move itself to fit the screen properly.
My guess is that it’s the social media links at the bottom but I’m not a website dev so I can’t say for sure, haha

Hmmm, the “hours since last post” thing is off to the right on some posts below

Think I may have found it actually?


This should be 412px wide, but the padding shoves this out an additional 48px I believe.

Just double checked, this isn’t the same behavior as mobile emulation on desktop, which squeezes the center to fit the padding, so maybe the styling isnt properly supported on mobile browsers?

Just found out its not just mobile devices. It is also happening to Touchscreen Tablets / iPads.

So now, there are no posts with the hr further out so I can’t scroll to the right now :person_shrugging:

Can reproduce

Google Chrome:	102.0.5005.40 (Official Build) beta (32-bit) 
Revision:	43b08a5db3a57ae8edec5df3fcf5301affeaa3f8-refs/branch-heads/5005@{#404}
OS:	Android 12; Pixel 4a Build/SP2A.220405.003

at the same time I can also scroll horizontally on the forum, so I assume it has to do with the screen ratio or a version dependent issue.

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This should be a simple fix, and I think it’s just the social buttons


I’ve pushed a fix for the site. Not sure about the other issue, will have a think.