How to get alpha/transparency working with model render

Code below handle rendering of my trinkets item. Everything works fine, but for some reason red, blue, green, alpha variables in model.render functions don’t apply to my final image. I really don’t care about thous color, but I want to have transparent model.

public void render(ItemStack stack, SlotReference slotReference, EntityModel<? extends LivingEntity> contextModel, MatrixStack matrices, VertexConsumerProvider vertexConsumers, int light, LivingEntity entity, float limbAngle, float limbDistance, float tickDelta, float animationProgress, float headYaw, float headPitch) {
    EntityModel<LivingEntity> model = getModel();

    model.setAngles(entity, limbAngle, limbDistance, animationProgress, animationProgress, headPitch);
    model.animateModel(entity, limbAngle, limbDistance, tickDelta);
    matrices.translate(-.55F, -.4F,-.1F);

    VertexConsumer vertexConsumer = vertexConsumers.getBuffer(RenderLayer.getEntityTranslucent(MODEL_TEXTURE));

    model.render(matrices, vertexConsumer, light, OverlayTexture.DEFAULT_UV, 1, 1, 1, 0.5F);

I had try it (the code bellow) once and I could swear that it didn’t work for 100 times, but now for some unknown reason it finally works ;D

VertexConsumer vertexConsumer = vertexConsumers.getBuffer(RenderLayer.getEntityTranslucentEmissive(MODEL_TEXTURE));
model.render(matrices, vertexConsumer, light, OverlayTexture.DEFAULT_UV, 1, 1, 1, .5F);

Maybe the reason is that I reinstall my git repo and with that I had cleared my “project cache”.