I can't lead Minecraft

The image attached shows the mods I’m trying (none of which are for forge only some for fabric). Can anyone tell me what the issue is?

Navigate to .minecraft/logs and .minecraft/crash-reports folders, copy everything from them and paste here 1 by 1 https://mclo.gs/, send the resulting 2 links here.

Edit: actually, looking at your mods - some of them are 1.19.4, whereas others 1.19.2, you can’t mix and match those, you have to look for mods, that are compatible specifically with your MC version.

Can you list the ones that I acciddently put for 1.19.2 please? Thanks in advance

Blast, Effective and Impaled didn’t update beyond 1.19.2

Thanks alot, those were some I really wanted so I’m just going to downgrade and try that. Thanks for the help because I sure didnt notice that.

I got all mods their 1.19.2 versions and used quilt 1.19.2 (most recent update of it) and it doesn’t work. I added the newest 1.19.2 quilt/fabric version on curseforge for every mod and 2 new ones (pick your poison and geckolib3) but it still won’t work. The same thing happens and there are no errors in the logs. I’m really confused rn. Any ideas on what’s happening?

I have images but they haven’t been sent after around 3 hours so I’ve not attached any images as proof. It should be approved sometime soon.

Can you at least send the logs?

Right so I turned everything to 1.19.2 and now it still does the same thing but there isn’t a log or crash report. I’ve attached an image of it again:

this is… very concerning… maybe there’s something in the launcher log?

if using the vanilla launcher, i think that can be enabled in the options tab

Sorry Favorito that was an old post that didnt get sent quickly but it only sometimes sent a log files, i have one now and here’s the link: Quilt 1.19.2 Server Log [#g0PHt4H] - mclo.gs

The files I sent havent changed so if it’s anything to do with that please tell me.

If there’s no corresponding log in .minecraft/crash-reports, sadly, this log is of no use, as it shows nothing at all. At this point, I’d recommend adding mods 1 by 1, so that you at least know which mod is preventing the game from launching. Just by looking at your latest log and mods I don’t see anything wrong.

I got help on the discord server, it was actually that REI was missing 2 mods.

Oh… REI has its own error screen, so that’s why there was nothing in the logs. It was supposed to start the game and tell you, that Architectury is missing. Anyways, glad you got help.

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