I'm having a really weird issue about invalid player data, and I have absolutely no clue how to resolve it!

When I try joining a world, I somehow keep getting disconnected from it after it’s finished generating, claiming I have “invalid player data”. AND I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW TO FIX IT! Looking at the logs (latest.log - Google Docs), it says “Payload may not be larger than 1048576 bytes”, and I don’t know what that even means! I’m getting extremely desperate here!

That Google Doc is over 100 pages long, so I can’t even load it. Use https://mclo.gs/ next time.

Usually that error means, that some mod is creating packets, that are too large for MC to handle. If this is single-player, then your only option would be to binary search for the problematic mod. Roughly Enough Resources used to have this issue, so if you have it - check that first. Some Origins add-ons also could cause this.

I wasn’t aware that mclo.gs even existed. Here’s my log on that site (Vanilla Client Log [#JXNmdFn] - mclo.gs), for completeness sake. After removing some Origins sub-mods, now it appears Supplementaries is crashing the game (supplemental crash - Pastebin.com). Disabling it made the game run fine, but what if I really wanted to use Supplementaries?

No problem. Yep, if I recall correctly Extra Origins is the mod, that has the potential to overblow your player NBT data.

As for the Supplementaries crash - it actually seems to be caused by Requiem. They might be incompatible with one another, in which case it should be reported to either, or both, developers.

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