Internal Error 1.19 i can't load the game

My Crash Report : Crash Report -

You are on 1.19, but you downloaded ToolTipFix for 1.19.3. Mods and the client have to match exactly, unless otherwise stated by the dev.

I removed it but still getting a crash here is the report : Crash Report -
Edit: But this time its not the quilt error.

This one seems to come from ARRP (Runtime Resource Pack). Not sure why exactly, though. Any reason why you want to play 1.19 specifically? Basically every single mod has been updated to 1.19.2 and lately more and more mods get updated to 1.19.4. I’d recommend trying the same set of mods with 1.19.2, but make sure to use all the correct versions.

thanks ill try
Edit : I updated to 1.19.4 and still cant open the game
Here is the Crash Code : Crash Report -

Thanks For the help I really Appreciate it

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