Internal error, crash on boot 1.19.4

Hey guys, sorry not used to writing these so lmk if more info is needed. Essentially game keeps crashing when I try to load it - normally I’d assume it was an incompatible/outdated mod but a) I don’t have any outdated mods saved to my knowledge and b) it WAS working perfectly and consistently only minutes before, and I haven’t downloaded any new mods for maybe a week. I know it was working because I’ve been closing and reopening the game to test a resource pack I was making. I even took the elements out of said resource pack just in case that was causing the crash but no luck - besides which it hadn’t caused any errors at all before this. So I’m just truly not sure what the problem could be. Anyway heres the crash log; any help would be hugely appreciated as I don’t have the brain to parse this sort of thing and I’m getting frustrated over it lmao.

Looks like the config file for the quilt registry api was corrupted. It should be something like quilt_registry_api.toml. Delete that file and it should launch again


oh wtf, king shit. That totally worked; thank you so much I literally never would have known

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