Internal error crash on load

I tried to load up Quilt for 1.19.3 on the latest beta and I got a popup saying there’s an internal error and to report the error here. Sorry if the info I’ve provided isn’t correct, first time reporting a bug for something related to Minecraft.

Here’s a pastebin, the log is too long to post here

Hi, thanks for reporting here.
If you can, can you send your full game log? It helps us to be able to debug your problem better in most cases.

The problem is likely Frame API being incompatible with 1.19.3. Try removing that or downgrade to 1.19.2.
Since it’s an API though, removing it will likely cause some other mods to not work, but loader should tell you which mods those are.

Im pretty sure this is the right log. if it isn’t let me know

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