Internal Error crash on startup, caused by Quilted Fabric Api

Hello. When I start Minecraft, it crashes before it even opens and gives the error “Internal error”. I manually went through the mods and realized that it was caused by the Quilted Fabric API. Downloaded the latest version from Modrinth. Game version 1.19.4; Quilt version 0.18.9, downloaded from official site. I have many QOL mods installed, and many of them are using Quilted Fabric API, so I really don’t want to remove it.

Here is Crash Report, given by quilt.
---- Crashed! ----Date/Time: 2023/04/14 08:38:13.5785-- Crash --org.qu -

Here is error

P.S: I tried to use Quilt 0.19.0.beta.11, and it hasn’t give me even error, it just crashes.

Try using this mod

And/or deleting your configs

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Oh, Thank you so much! That solved the problem!

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