Is there a way to make AI hardware to do non-AI things?

After watching a video about yet another use of AI hardware, – for video upscaling, I wonder if there’s anything preventing said hardware to be used for non-AI things, – like faster video upscaling.

The most common type of AI accelerator is a matrix processing unit – takes two arrays of integers and does a fused-multiply-add on them, which I’ve heard is an all-round useful operation, even for more reasonable uses.

And since hardware containing such stuff will be aggressively shoved down our throats in the coming years, it would be a shame to leave such hardware unused for anything but computing how best to aid annoy the user…

EDIT: If a standard api/library/whatever doesn’t exist, I would like to know what are the more common types and the like so when one appears porting shouldn’t be TOO hard.