Hello! I’m jbcarreon123.

You can find me on GitHub, and jbcarreon123#4500 in Discord. (Note that this will change when Discord implements the new username system.)

I am a student software developer, but does not know or touched any source codes for Minecraft mods. I do know basic Java though.
I have published several open-source applications on my GitHub, and part of a dev team on one application, where I make plugins on that application and I also maintain the custom discord bot for the support server.
Instead of searching YouTube videos for tutorials, I like to scour documentation. But, I like to watch some YouTube videos, and I learned how mixins work in this video.

Thanks for reading this introduction. If you have questions, feel free to ask!

Welcome Jbcarreon!

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Hey @Jbcarreon123, welcome to the forums!

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