Latest Quilt Server too out of date for mods?

On Saturday I downloaded the installer from the website, and ran it to get the appropriate server files. I then downloaded some mods (mostly from Modrinth) - all for version 1.20.

One of the mods says it needs quilt_loader 0.19 or higher but I have 0.18.10, and a few others say they need fabricloader 0.14.21, but it says it has quilted_fabric_loader built in, and I downloaded the latest qfapi/qsl mod from Modrinth as well.

These are the mods I’m trying to work with (filenames):


Here’s the crash report:

In the time since you’ve installed quilt a new loader version (0.19.0) has been released which also provides fabric loader 0.14.21. You can simply re-run the installer to install the new version and then start your server the usual way to fix this issue.

With the same flags as before?
java -jar quilt-installer-0.5.1.jar install server 1.20 --download-server

That should do it yes.

No change unfortunately. Installer didn’t give any problems - I can even see it downloaded quilt-loader-0.19.0.jar, but when running the start script it still shows 0.18.10. And start is just running java -jar quilt-server-launch.jar nogui.

Edit: my bad, I forgot it downloads to a subfolder called server. Yep, I have a new issue now but that seems to have resolved this one, thank you.

To install it in the . directory instead of server you can add the install dir argument: --install-dir=.

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